Foreword Arved Fuchs
Hardcover with dusk jacket
352 pages and 300 illustrations
36 cm x 29 cm
Dumont Reiseverlag
ISBN 978-3-7701-8923-6
Text: German and English
Publishing: August 2011
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Eternal ice, sub-zero temperatures, but also fascinating light spectacles. Acclaimed photographer Thorsten Milse's artistic images open a window on a distant world: the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Arctic and Antarctic are among the most fascinating, but also the most extreme, regions of the world. The sparse vegetation, endless winters and unimaginable cold (down to as low as minus 89 degrees) make them inhospitable and virtually uninhabitable. The fascination they exert has much to do with these extremes: nature shows herself at her wildest, most monumental and unspoilt – a statement of pure beauty. Thorsten Milse successfully capture s this breathtaking natural spectacle, seen by only a few at first hand. Over several years and under arduous conditions, he has produced his own special portrait of both regions. The unique collection of photographs – each speaking its own particular visual language and characterised by a magical, almost unreal, light – gives this book its special appeal and consummate artistry which goes far beyond a straightforward documentation.