Thorsten Milse

I am working as a free-lance photographer. On my travels around the world I photograph nature, animals, plants, landscapes and culture. I received several awards for my images in different photo competitions. Grand Prize Winner in the Nature's Best photo competition, a prize in BBC Wildlife photographer of the year competition and the best Reportage photographer 2006. My photos and stories have been published in magazines, books, postcards and calendars worldwide. (GEO, GEOlino, BBC Wildlife, Nature's Best, Newsweek, Illustreret Videnskab, Stern, Terre Sauvage...). I published four books in German and English the last years. Little Polar Bears, Growing up Wild, The Eyes of the Jungle and Africas last Wilderness.

I settle different photo jobs for customers of the advertising. Additionally I work for an adviser for a photo dealer and an advertising agency in the area of digital image process and color management. I also offer workshops in this line of business. I work as photoleader for some cruise ship tour operators.
Since a few years I am an official Canon Ambassador
More information: cpn.canon-europe.com

My photo equipment is the digital Canon EOS System. I prefer the full-frame cameras and use lenses from 14-600 mm and the extenders. Because of the IS technology and the excellence photoquality I am very satisfied with the EOS System.

All orders only by writing under: info@wildlifephotography.de